Monday, June 24, 2013

June 24: Dog Green Beach

We started today early at the Dog Green Beach section of Omaha Beach. This site had special significance because it was where our soldier, Frederick Smith came ashore with the Rangers on D-Day. We know he ascended the beach and was killed helping to secure the bunker. Tim and I were able to gain some insight for the website. We both are visualizing this coming together at this point. We are very excited to create a tribute to this young man who gave his life in the fight for Freedom.
Omaha Beach (panorama)

Tim and Nathan are discussing the path the Rangers followed up the beach to secure the Bunkers and Point Du Hoe

This was very moving. Several of the students wrote in the sand, "WE REMEMBER" and then wrote their soldiers names in the sand below.

Sharon and Tim in the poppy fields

Finishing their eulogies

Students are putting the finishing touches on the Eulogies they will present tomorrow at the Normandy American Cemetery. Each student has chosen a soldier buried there from their home state. They have done research and are making web pages in their honor. These soldiers were all just a year or two older than our students, and have no living descendants. These eulogies and future web pages will honor these heroes.

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